The Tower of Santiago


Calle Diana 24, Albufereta, alicante.

Evolution Since The 80s

A monument risen from its ruins in the 20th century, Torre Santiago was rebuilt by Pedro Guillena in his eagerness to leave a legacy for the history of our land. The orchard of Alicante has 25 defense towers standing out of the 43 original ones that served the inhabitants of the place to defend themselves from the attacks of Berber pirates who plundered the orchard of Alicante in the 16th century. In Alicante, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, you can find the orchard of this city. This beautiful region is full of natural landscapes and historical places that offer a truly unique experience. One of the main attractions of the Orchard of Alicante are its impressive towers, built during the Middle Ages to serve as fortresses for their inhabitants.

The Orchard of Alicante is a unique and impressive place, and its towers are a proof of history and culture

For many years, the Orchard of Alicante has been famous for its defense towers, which have been built with the aim of protecting the area from enemies. Besides serving as a defense, these towers were also built with the aim of controlling the harvest, since due to the hot weather, crops were vulnerable to pest attacks.

These towers are not only used to control the harvest, but also for food storage, as well as for keeping tools and equipment. Moreover, they have become an example of typical architecture in this region, becoming one of main tourist attractions in ‘Huerta de Alicante’.

The Tower of Santiago

Declared as a Cultural Interest Monument in 1997 and historical heritage of the city of Alicante.

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The Tower of Santiago

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The Orchard Towers Route

Discover The Past

Through different itineraries, on foot or by bicycle, you can discover our past by visiting each of the Torres de La Huerta. A pleasant walk with family or friends, a healthy way to learn about our history and the way of life of our ancestors. 

Defense tower in the past, and after years of ruin, a charming house.

«Many years of sacrifice looking for suitable materials to shape the tower like it is today»


The tower of santiago in alicante

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